Veneer tech 2015 craftman's challenge

Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge Awards / AWFS Las Vegas 2015
Architectural Woodworking Company won the category - Architectural Woodworking for "Confidential Investment Firm"

Judges Comments:
"Marvelous atmosphere that sets the tone for open conversation in the round.  There was a unique mirror effect that tied the entire room
together.  Futuristic look with comfort built in as well" - Mavis Morgan

"Just the table itself in the installation was a furniture contender, but combined with the rest of the room with complete elements and the
horizontal veneer, this was an excellent installation" - Paul Schurch
"Everything ties together, the curvature and the elements of the ceiling.  Hats off to the designer.  The room sets the tone: A meeting in
that room is significant.  The wood enables the experience." - Gene Wengert

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